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Wellbeing - the state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. The age-old question, “What makes you happy?” is often asked, yet difficult to answer.

Money, vacations and good food can make us happy, but how long does this feeling last? Sustainable happiness comes from within, unobstructed by past injuries and external influences. When we operate disconnected from our inner wellbeing, we feel lost, unsatisfied, depressed, anxious…the list goes on. As your therapist, our purpose is to nurture and witness your journey back to your true essence and to facilitate a process that will lead you to a life of wellness and authenticity.

Integrating both Western and Eastern philosophies, we specialize in taking a holistic standpoint to promote healing. Our services include individual, couples, family, child and adolescent therapy. We are a team of integrative therapists, which means we combine different therapies to provide the best care possible. We have spent the last decade committed to learning how to heal our bodies and minds. We take great pride in our training and can offer a therapeutic space to explore what unique challenges you or your loved ones are facing.