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Lindsay Rosser

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #87065, Owner of WellBeings Therapy

Lindsay attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln for her undergraduate degree in Psychology. Soon after, she found herself at California State University – Fullerton in their Clinical Psychology program to obtain her Master of Science. Given her medical background, she held an interest in the biological aspects of psychology, which groomed her desire to further understand the body-mind connection. After graduate school, Lindsay spent three years in training at the Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) Institute to develop her skills as a somatic therapist.

As a body-oriented therapist, she believes the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are all related and connected to each other. As a result, the stress of past emotional and traumatic events impact the central nervous system and cause changes in the brain and body. Through developing awareness of the mind-body connection and using specific interventions, she can help you release the muscular holding patterns, physical and emotional pain that remain in your body from these past negative experiences. Her goal is to help free you from what is preventing you from fully engaging in your life.

Lindsay has also worked extensively with children and their families. She is is trained in reflective/mindfulness based parenting strategies, child development, family therapy, and other evidenced based practices. She has worked with children and teens who struggle with behavioral issues, ADHD, anxiety and depression.

Today, she is a certified EMDR, Somatic and Child/Family Therapist. Her primary specialties include working with those who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events (i.e. serious life threatening illness, physical assault, sexual assault, military combat, accidents, natural disasters) in addition to those who suffered from developmental trauma (i.e. adult children of alcoholics/personality disorders, those who experienced sexual/emotional/physical abuse as a child, etc). Lindsay also specializes in treating depression and anxiety with mindfulness, somatic and cognitive based approaches.