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Sliding Scale / Low Fee Therapy

We're here to make therapy accessible for you!

In order to reach clients who would benefit from our services in California, we offer sliding scale therapy. This means we can offer lower fees based on financial need. We believe your mental health is important and hope that by providing affordable sliding scale therapy options, we can ensure you will receive high quality therapy. 

About Us

Our sliding scale therapy team draw from many evidenced-based therapies. We require our interns and associates to complete specific training and have some clinical experience before providing services to our clients. Our values include providing a safe, trustworthy, collaborative, and empowering space which is a central part of who we are and how we practice. We work closely in consultation with one another so as to provide the highest quality services possible and to ensure that we are always growing as therapists and as individuals.

Please contact us to find out about sliding scale session availability. To work with a second year graduate student (considered pre-licensed) the standard rate per session is $65. To work with a post-graduate (considered an associate-level therapist) the standard rate per session is $100. California law requires 3,000 hours of supervised post-degree professional experience before becoming fully licensed and the ability to practice independently.  


If you have special circumstances that make it difficult to pay the standard fees, we may be able to determine a sliding-scale rate based on your income and budget. We offer a free 15 minute consultation to help you better understand who we are as clinicians. 

Meet Our Pre-Licensed Team

Meet Our Associates

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